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Bentley Brandon’s Children’s Auto Etiquette Book

Bentley Brandon’s Backseat Pledge is the best idea ever for parents!As parents, we are constantly telling our children to calm down or stop what they are doing in the vehicle. We find ourselves cleaning up spills and messes persistently or seeking professional services to handle our messes and accident. What Backseat Pledge does is save parents money by teaching children what to do and not do and how to take responsibility no matter how old they are for auto care of the vehicle.

Something as simple as avoiding accidents based on not eating or drinking while in the vehicle or while it is moving assists in preventing messes.

Children are safer, so parents drive safer. Overall the atmosphere is happier and more peaceful. Children are more responsible and know by keeping the vehicle clean; they are doing their part. In addition, family bonding is absolute because the vehicle serves as both a responsibility and reward. Vehicle etiquette, education, fun, and peace of mind along with improving discipline are just a few of the benefits you and your children will enjoy after taking the Backseat Pledge.

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The Benefits of the Backseat Pledge are amazing

Parents across the world are having heavy loads taking off of them with the Backseat Pledge and what it brings such as public safety, riding etiquette, cleanliness, and overall what to do and not do in the vehicle. The Backseat Pledge makes the family’s riding experience fun and safe. As parents, we always consider what to teach our children in order to assist them in everyday life. There are a number of factors concerning the parts of the vehicle, activities, and expectations for young riders in the vehicle. Families spend more time around each other in their vehicle than in their home at times. Therefore, the vehicle holds a traditional place in the hearts of families and primarily the reason why cars, trucks, and vans are a responsibility for the whole family.

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