100 Times Of Blogging. Love Relationships in Korea: 100 Days Celebration

today July 25th it is been exactly 100 times since I began my very first post right here on WordPress! We knew this yesterday once I had been speaking with Victor about any of it, and a brief conversation result in me personally publishing a particular article on this time:

Mimi: waa i simply additionally knew my weblog is quickly gonna be a few months old! Victor: Yay very nearly 100 times! xD 백일축하 ‎Mimi: lol must I commemorate its 3months or its 100 times? ‎‎Victor: it’ll become more korean if 100 times lol. 100 time post about… relationship in korea! ‎Mimi: I like the method you imagine! ❤

We liked just just just what he said a whole lot, and we also made a decision to https://sex-match.org/ compose a post together, celebrating the 100 times of my web log dealing with the significance of “100 times” in Korea.

Love Relationships in Korea: 100 Days Celebration

Mimi: Korean love-relationships are somehow distinctive from what we’re used to in Spain or perhaps in the united states. Among the primary distinctions is the way the guy will pay for the majority of things (dinners, gift suggestions, etc.). Businesses and merchants realize that guys are under some pressure to obtain nice gift ideas with their girlfriends so as to make an impression that is good so that they just just take any possiblity to offer more overpriced little gift suggestions.

Victor: Yeah, you may understand this as “going Dutch,” or taking place a “dutch date,” for going out to restaurants or cafes. It is a fairly tradition that is old’s pertaining to the seonbae-hubae relationship the truth is usually at the job, where during hwesik the senior can pay for the juniors (it has occurred practically each and every time I’ve gone out for lunch during work). Me(before falling in love with Mimi), it was quite awkward between us when I tried to foot the bill at the places we ate when I blind-dated a Korean lady quite older than. Age makes us aware of ourselves, more visibly so in Korea, I think.

For Mimi and I also, we spend equal-split for lunch/dinner because we think it is fair by doing this. I do believe this mindset is gaining popularity now. But don’t worry! Your senior supervisor at your workplace remains spending money on that dual chocolaty chip creme frappuccino you’re buying tomorrow at coffee break.

Few tshirts can be typical in Korea

Mimi: whilst in many Western countries we would just commemorate anniversaries, right right here in Korea many partners would commemorate the 100 times (л°±мќј). While you currently noticed, this implies a supplementary bouquet of flowers, nice dinner as well as, a lot more occasions to commemorate being in a couple of (more partners final 100 times together as opposed to 12 months).

Victor: it is almost always anticipated of you, as a man, to arrange for the 100-day event, or at minimum plan along with your date upfront on which to accomplish. It is Korea; I think Koreans (and us) love a justification to commemorate or show their relationship off normally as feasible.. or any other reason become pretty in public areas.

Therefore, just just what do people do precisely with this 100 times party?

Mimi: it surely is dependent upon the few, however in a Korean relationship, often the man buys “couple rings”, a number of plants, & most probably a nice supper. The few rings symbolize it’s not the same as engagement rings that you’re in a relationship, but. You wear a few ring from the band hand of your left hand, and it is frequently the man that would get them. It really is mostly young families that do that, and they’d frequently invest any such thing from W100,000 to easily W300,000. This depends more on the buying power regarding the kid compared to the level of love shared.

A typical example of few bands

Mimi: inside our instance, we didn’t have the rings (I never wear rings anyhow), but Victor purchased me personally an excellent bouquet of plants saying, a gift that is cute and set all of it up before we came back from work. Aww

Wen trade I got myself us supper in a really good restaurant that is french Cuisson 82. We miss that meals

Observe that Koreans sometimes will celebrate 200D, also 300D, 500D and 1000D. Perhaps maybe Not experiencing like counting the days one after another? You don’t have to! There’s loads of apps and internet sites which will get it done for your needs. As an example, the Naver counter, or any couple app developed for Korea day.

Victor: Beware about purchasing flowers for 100D, 200D, 300D, etc. You might have to buy 200 roses for 200D, and 300 for 300D if you buy 100 roses for 100D! It never ever comes to an end! I would recommend simply purchasing a pleasant, moderately-sized bouquet and assert it is the quality perhaps not volume that really matters

100 times of my we we Blog

Anyway, I’m actually very happy to be composing this post given that it means i have already been consistent in doing the thing I define as my hobby. We have enjoyed writing, especially whenever We saw some post had loves, remarks, or stocks. As a result of WordPress, I’m in a position to monitor lot of Statistics that are, at least, really interested. And because of you for reading! ^^

My five most-read articles are:

    Brief day at Osaka & Kyoto (component II) – a post describing our super rush trip that is 1-day Kyoto (it had been our second time here).

Canary Islands Paradise – a post that is general the Canary isles, my hometown.

Hamburgers in Seoul: Firebell VS. Left Coast – a heatet competition (not necessarily) between my 2 favorite hamburger places in Seoul.

Most readily useful Galbijjim in Seoul – a Korean Chain that acts some actually delicious galbijjim that is tasty.

My site visitors are mostly from Southern Korea, the united states, and Spain. I had some unusual site visitors from Mongolia, Brunei, Guam, Togo, Cayman isles, and much more. We dare you to definitely locate these nations in your World that is mental Map

We only recently began to show up on Bing search. From my WordPress admin web web web site i will see just what terms people utilized to obtain connected to my post. Unfortunately, the majority of the terms (138/164) are “Unknown” . Some interesting terms i stumbled upon with are “mimi yu photo” (I wonder who was simply stalking me personally), “odio comer tarde” (In English: we hate consuming belated) or “south korea mers plague inc” (we don’t understand… Plague inc is a casino game we perform and evaluated, and Southern Korea Mers will need to have been an extremely term that is searched Bing).

I desired to many thanks all for after my weblog, either every time I publish or perhaps punctually, this means a great deal to me personally. You are invited by me to help keep checking my weblog, when I nevertheless have actually looots of a few ideas and draft posts. I really hope to celebrate my 1 12 months running a blog quickly!

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