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You can also place the bookmarks you use most often right in front of you in your bookmarks bar. All browsers have a bookmarks manager that makes it relatively easy to drag and drop bookmarks in and out of folders. Collection is folders that save all your bookmarks and you can only create nested collection under Raindrop Pro.

I would strongly suggest an upgrade since nested collection can really help you The Forest for Windows 7 better organize bookmarks and ideas. If you wish to change an existed collection title on Raindrop, you need to double click it on the left panel to open up its description panel on the right, and then edit the title there. Actually this double click behavior is too cumbersome and not intuitive at all. In modern application design, a single click with a hold on the file name can trigger an edit. It is popular in every software we used everyday like Mac and Windows, and I think Raindrop should also embrace this.

It allows you to store, share, up vote the links shared to the network. Delicious Bookmarks is one of the oldest bookmarking tools still compatible with Windows 10. But despite its age, Delicious is still a very reliable option for managing your saved sites.

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It has folders and subfolders to help you bookmark webpage, article, video or photo(right-click an image, click save the image to One feature you’ll love is the search function. Google’s Bookmarking tool concludes our list of the best bookmark managers for Windows browsers you can find.

It allows you to sort bookmarks by assigned tags, so you can use this method to better organize your saved stuff. This service is a bookmarking manager with elements of social network, because it allows you to follow other users, and access their shared links and sites. This is a social bookmarking tool, that is compatible with all major browsers.

As you can see, all these tools offer something unique, and each one of them is worth trying. Google Bookmarks stores all your saved bookmarks in the cloud, so you can easily access them even if you fresh-install your system. All bookmarks are entirely store on Google Cloud services. Google Bookmarks is the second bookmarks manager developed by Google on our list. But it works differently than Chrome Bookmarks Manager.

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