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  • Parents your backseat worries and concerns will soon be gone with this kit. This kit helps your child with vehicle etiquette and manners. A guarantee Win for parents and children. The Backseat pledge kit includes:
    • Vehicle etiquette book
    • Crayons
    • 5 etiquette bags
    • Pledge Card
    • Bumper sticker
    • Age 3-10.
  • Let's face it there's nothing wrong with bragging about your child on the there efforts of keeping your backseat clean. That's why join the club of bragging rights with our bumper sticker to show other hey my backseat is clean thanks for the backseat pledge.
  • Etiquette Bags

    Enjoy the pleasure of having etiquette bags for your child or even your own personal use these bags are meant for disposing trash or removing personal property or even debris. With so much going on in the vehicle, it's hard to maintain a clean vehicle let alone with food, bags or trash, toys from our children and even loose mail. Well with our etiquette bags you can tackle all the daily needs and responsibilities that comes with keeping your vehicle clean. Each order includes a standard of 5 bags per order.
    • Size of 12 x 9
    • Bags are recyclable and can be used for multiple use
  • Our etiquette book is unique and first of its kind and very exciting, and have wonderful lessons for children. There're 16 pages with coloring assignment, educational games, reading and much more fun. Also includes (4) crayons
    • Educational Guide.
    • Fun Activities.
    • Coloring.
    • Helping Parents.
    • Book size is 8.5 x 11.
    • Age 3-10.
  • Personal Autograph for your Child by Bentley Brandon The memories of our children childhood are priceless and precious. Bentley Brandon will personally sign your child name on any item purchased. Limited to (1) child per order purchase. In order to personalize your Autograph, please send to us by email (bentleynation54@gmail.com) the following informations about yourself, after you get the order confirmation email: -Child Name -Child Age -Parent Name -Prefer type on message -Signature signed where on the product
  • The Backseat Pledge card is 3.5 x 2 inch the standard size of an business card with front and back side. Front size for pledger to sign there name and date upon the day of taking the pledge. Back size is the pledge oath to remind the reader the responsibilities of the pledge consist of. FREE SHIPPING.
    • Size 3.5 x 2